Our History

In 2018, a group of passionate football enthusiasts came together to create something special for the Manningham community – Macedon Blues FC. With a commitment to providing a valued football experience for all, the club set out to increase participation in the sport and create rewarding and enriching experiences for players of all levels.

The Macedon committee, made up of experienced members from the Manningham area, worked tirelessly to achieve the clubs goals. Their hard work paid off in 2019 when the team had a successful season and brought home championships in both boys’ and girls’ junior competitions. But the club knew they could do more.

In 2020, they realised that there was a need for a pathway for young players to transition from junior to senior football in a supportive and development-focused environment. And so, Macedon entered the FV men’s and women’s state league competitions.

The next two seasons were not without their challenges, as the COVID-19 pandemic caused disruptions to all football within Victoria. But Macedon persevered, and in 2022, they participated successfully in both state league competitions with most players drawn from the Manningham community’s junior competitions. It was a proud moment for all members to see these young players make the transition to senior football.

With the success of the past few years and exciting new opportunities on the horizon, Macedon has decided to give the club a fresh start and new identity. From 2023, the club will merge with Blackburn New Hope Lupi FC to become known as Templestowe Wolves FC. This new name aims to give the club more connection within the Manningham area and the team will aspire to participate in all FV competitions and continue to support and maintain their all-abilities program.

After the installation of some new committee members, each committed to honouring the family- and community-oriented values of the club, Templestowe Wolves FC are setting out with a hunger to become The Future of Football in Manningham.